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Natural History Study at the National Institutes of Health:
The National Institutes of Health has announced the beginning of a Natural History Study for ALS4.  A natural history study involves studying the way a disease changes over time.  Both ALS4 patients as well as health related or unrelated individuals are invited to participate in this study.  A natural history study will help our doctors know which disease marker to use when testing drugs in ALS4 clinical trials.  Additional information on this Natural History Study can be found in the following video:







If you are interested in obtaining more information or would like to participate in the study please contact:

Angela Kokkinis, Research Nurse, National Institutes of Health:

Please e-mail Drs. Cheung and Grunseich with additional questions:

Dr. Vivian Cheung,

Dr. Chris Grunseich,

NIH Natural History Study

NIH Natural History Study

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